Muscle & Joint Cream (150ml / 500mg)


Muscle & Joint Cream

Infused with extracts of Calendula , Arnica Montana & Tea Tree Oil, our CBD based Muscle cream can help to provide relief from aches & pains in muscles, joints or other deep tissue.

How to use ~ Apply to affected area as required. 

Key Benefits 

  • Helpful for targeting pain in specific areas. You can apply topicals like creams directly to areas causing you trouble.
  • Works quickly. Because topicals don’t pass through your stomach, they don’t need to take time to be broken down like anything you would ingest orally. (Pain killers)
  • Additional ingredients may add pain relief, along with the CBD like Arnica and menthol, which provide enhanced pain relief.
  • Improved skin health. CBD creams may help with pain and moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Key Ingredients

Tea tree oil is one of the best known essential oils, where it has been used for almost 100yrs for its anti – inflammatory actions. Combined  with Calendula, also used for many centuries due to its healing powers, and methol and arnica, unlike similar products on the market, our Muscle and Joint cream includes key plant based ingredients that collectively achieve the correction of target areas.

Muscle & Joint Cream (150ml / 500mg)


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