What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural and non-psychotropic component of the hemp plant (not marijuana) and has been shown to have positive health benefits, without causing a THC-like high.

How does CBD work?

Our bodies are made up of an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that uses naturally-occurring cannabinoids to maintain healthy cells and support our regulatory system. This central system helps to keep our bodies balanced day to day, including: appetite, pain sensation, mood, memory, immune system functions, and inflammation control. When there is a deficiency in these cannabinoids, it can lead to any number of conditions and medical ailments. CBD works to replenish these natural cannabinoids, and therefore return our cells to a healthy, balanced state.

How does CBD make you feel?

The most commonly described feeling by CBD users is a feeling of reduced stress and anxiety, and sometimes a reduction in the symptoms of depression. CBD users often report an improvement in overall performance and increased energy and focus

Many CBD users also report improved sleep patterns, which can have a drastic effect on mood and energy levels. CBD users also report its effects on reducing pain and inflammation, relieving nausea, and much more.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently announced that it deems CBD to be safe and based their ruling on an internal study which includes the medical benefits of CBD. In addition to ruling that CBD is indeed effective, the study concluded that there was no addiction risk involved with the use of CBD.


The main difference between CBD and THC is the effects they have on you. Simply put, THC gets you ‘high’ while CBD won’t.

THC can be very intoxicating. In large enough doses, THC can change a user’s perception of reality and influence their behaviour, including higher anxiety and increased paranoia.

CBD, on the other hand, can actually counteract the effects of THC and does not alter perception in any way. Studies have suggested CBD can help with social anxiety, panic attacks and many other conditions.