Take Care of you, Today

Our Mission

Using only the highest quality of ingredients, our mission is to provide top grade products that are environmentally friendly and plant based while keeping our pricing extremely competitive.

About The Herbal Co.

Skincare has evolved - We live in a world where its not just about men's or women's products - We are fully Gender Neutral.

Welcome to the Herbal co. The company name goes beyond our industry and represents our philosophy of plant based health, but also expanding the mind and helping people reach a higher level of thinking and quality of life. 

When you think about the influence and potential of the use of CBD in the medical and skincare sectors, you start to understand that our products can reach a vast majority of the population. The Herbal Co. seeks to produce life changing products, empowering minds and healthy lifestyle, making opportunities for achieving future goals limitless. 

Skin-type, not Sex-type

Universal natural skincare

The skincare business is dominated by massive established brands whose financial focus is on sustaining their sales growth. It remains in their interest to bring new niche products tailored to as many separate segments as possible. This keeps us all buying more individual products; more more more. But there are smaller companies wanting to take the battle to the big guys and say that it doesn’t need to be this way. Natural is just fine. Simple is better. Universal works – and we are more alike than many would have us think. All I can ask is that you give it a second thought and see what can be found hidden smack bang in the middle.


Why You Should Use Gender Neutral Products

Gender neutral products allows you to focus on the particulars of your own skin, instead of using a face wash or moisturiser that may not suit your skin type but is marketed toward men or woman.

Many skincare companies use colourful, flowery packages for women's products and minimalist, dark coloured packages for products targeting male hormonal acne and other skin issues. Your gender doesn’t determine the type of skin you have, so why the specificity?  

Testosterone increases oil production, but did you know that every person has certain levels of this hormone in their body; not just men!  There is no medical or scientific reason for products to be divided solely by gender. People with oily skin can use the same products as anyone with oily skin, and vice versa. Separating skincare products by gender is mostly a marketing tool, and it can keep people from fully optimising their skincare routines.

Gender neutral face and skin care products focuses on getting you the care you need, whether it’s a thorough cleansing, something very mild or something hydrating. Instead of buying from brands that make broad assumptions determined by gender, try using organic items and items made with quality ingredients. Harsh chemicals like sulphates and alcohol are bad for all skin, so focus on avoiding those instead!

Get started building a routine using products catered to your skin type, and you’re much more likely to see positive results, as you are going by your skin type not sex type.