Facial Cleanser (100ml / 100mg)


Facial Cleanser

Refresh and cleanse your face with our gentle facial cleanser. A blend of CBD, Chamomilla Recuitita Extract and Coco Glucoside to leave skin cleansed and glowing.

HOW TO USE ~ Lather, Cleanse, Rinse with warm flannel 


  • Gently cleanses skin without stripping or drying out.
  • Can help calm skin while also improving elasticity and moisture retention
  • A refreshing and softening cleanser that removes residue and traces of make-up or dirt, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft.
  • Helps calm irritated skin, keeping breakouts at bay.


With extracts of Charmomile Recuita , Coco Glucoside (Pine Kernel Oil) which helps contribute to the lessening of redness of the skin, nourishes and protects it from various common conditions. our facial cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types.

CBD skincare products will work better than ordinary ones. This is because CBD works to reduce inflammation, signs of ageing, and helps to stimulate skin cell renewal. And when combined with premium ingredients, you’ll receive all of the benefits of an ordinary skincare product, with an added boost from CBD. 

Facial Cleanser (100ml / 100mg)


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